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Updated: Jun 22, 2022


1 Rate your mental health at this current moment, on a scale from 1-10.

2 Identify the parts of you that influenced that score. (ie: the depressed parts, the nervous parts, the not good enough parts, the parts of you that desire a partner, or the parts that have negative financial beliefs, etc.)

3 Begin imagining what you would look and feel like as a happy 10.

4 Contemplate what baby steps you could start to help you move up the ladder to the version of you as a happy 10. It is always the small things that help you to feel better. So what small experiences related to the higher version that you are imagining can you feel and create in the now? For example: do you enjoy going outside, listening to music, watching movies that make you feel good, do you meditate or sing in the shower? It's the raising of your vibration and savoring or feeling better and better that leads to happiness.

5 Choose anything that leads you to feel like you are moving towards happiness to incorporate into your lifestyle and start shifting into that level 10 version of yourself! Would you decide to eat better, enjoy exercise, wake up and practice gratitude by making lists of what you are grateful for now, getting present and quiet to meditate even if it's just 10-15 minutes a day of quieting the thoughts in your mind?

And if you're having a hard time even getting to the baby steps, why not pick a Healing Fountain Life Coach? Often we want to be happy but we don't know where to start because there are too many negative thoughts and feelings that are happening in our life that are preventing us to start walking up the ladder towards happiness.

No worries! The Healing Fountain is the place for rapid transformation of those negative thoughts and feelings immediately. The life coaches and therapists at the Healing Fountain teach you how to start self-care and self-development. They coach you on how to have mental health awareness, and maintenance, and how to get in tune with yourself, and your own needs. We also teach you how to be a master of taking these little things and completely transforming your life. You can easily be guided through the life coaching process into feeling fulfilled, happy, and mastering those keys to self-fulfillment, happiness, and all the desires of your happiest self.

Please call for an appointment at the Healing Fountain, we offer low cash rates and accept most insurances.

Additionally, May is Mental Health Awareness Month for the nation. As a tribute, we will be offering 3 SCHOLARSHIPS FOR FREE HOLISTIC THERAPY & LIFE COACHING. Scholarships will be for a few sessions tailored to each individual's needs. You can enter yourself for the scholarship as many times as you want. The Scholarship fulfillment will be announced in June. Please see the 2 entry requirements below.

1) Post your favorite motivational quote on Facebook or Instagram with the #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth and tag us on FB: @Healing Fountain or on IG: @PamelaHoldstheLight

2)Then, email us about why you feel eligible for the scholarship at (Email us your story which can include details about the transformation you want, why you want to try holistic therapy or the financial reasons you'd like the scholarship, etc.)

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