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Hello, my name is Pamela Hopkins L.C.S.W., Founder of The Healing Fountain in 2006.

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I had a dream to open a mental health facility that combined traditional therapy modalities along with holistic therapies and life coaching.


Our Healing Fountain Licensed Therapists and Healing Fountain Certified Life Coaches all have extensive training intertwining traditional techniques of Mindfulness, Cognitive, Behavioral and Trauma Modalities along with Holistic Energy Therapy, Quantum Physics Training, Law of Attraction Techniques, and various energy techniques such as E.T.T./ Energy Transformation Therapy, Tapping, Reiki and Hypnosis.


The Healing Fountain therapist and coaches are all gifted within their own unique intuitive holistic guidance and traditional training as they focus on creating immediate rapid positive changes within each of their clients.


During each session, clients learn that it is their own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are affecting their mental and physical health as well as their current reality.


Our Healing Fountain team is highly skilled in identifying specific patterns of thoughts or beliefs which are keeping clients depressed, anxious, stuck, overwhelmed, and hopeless. Once our providers and life coaches identify their client’s sabotaging thought patterns, they immediately provide holistic changes using Energy Transformation Therapy (E.T.T.), Reiki, as well as Education of Quantum Physics, and Law of Attraction. 


Clients experience immediate positive shifts using our unique Healing Fountain E.T.T. Process. This E.T.T Energy Transformation Therapy process targets client’s thoughts into wholeness, positivity, and empowerment, within a Mind, Body, and Spirit approach.


During the E.T.T., we target one's MIND (thoughts of learned beliefs), Body (Inner- parts that are holding on to negative emotions or feelings), and Spirit (the empowered connection of living aligned with the Source).

This instantly transforms our client’s thoughts and feelings into peace, empowerment, and enlightenment! 


Clients are often completely and happily blown away as they end their session having experienced extraordinary shifts of relief, empowerment, and peace.


Clients are educated on how Quantum Physics and Law of attraction work and they become awakened into understanding how and why they change so quickly. Clients become excited and optimistic as they develop skills of self-empowerment and positive creation.


The Healing Fountain’s Philosophy is that all our power is within our wholeness and consciousness of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. As our clients experience and realize these new truths, they are excited to change their old beliefs into what they really desire while they build a better self and a better new reality. 


 Imagine shifting your mental limitations into self-love, love for others, and self-empowerment while living in the wholeness of your mind, body, and spirit experience within every area of your life!


That’s what makes the Healing Fountain different. Our clients not only receive inner mental well-being and happiness but they also achieve skills for self-empowerment in creating their desired new reality. 


One of my greatest sayings is that the proof is

in the pudding!

Come in and experience your greatest mental and emotional shifts of empowerment and

the best-desired reality for yourself!

Blessings, Pamela

Pamela talks about how the Healing Fountain has grown over the past 16 years and what the future holds...

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