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Licensed Therapy


Our licensed therapists offer support for people living with a variety of mental health conditions. We are committed to helping you wherever you are in your mental health journey to give you the support you need whether you know that you live with a chronic mental health challenge or just need some extra support. We're here to help. We use traditional modalities such as CBT and mindfulness and trauma therapy, and intertwine energy techniques and Law of Attraction for our clients' greatest success.

At the Healing Fountain, we also take the approach of addressing your initial emotional issues, although with our traditional and holistic approaches, we highly focus on the Law of Attraction and you becoming powerful within your thoughts and feelings. Therefore, you will often and quickly rise into empowerment and personal self growth moving into a higher version of you, and a higher version of your reality. 

 Therapeutic Life Coaching (TLC)

We realize that in this day and age therapists are highly in demand. We also know that once you have picked up that phone, you need a therapist right now! We are offering a bridge of support called Therapeutic Life Coaching (TLC). TLC is for anyone who’s ready and needs help right now. Your TLC coach will target the root of your stresses, and help you achieve new positive changes and personal empowerment.

TLC coaches have been extensively trained by Pamela Hopkins, LCSW, founder of Healing Fountain within the holistic realm of law of attraction and the Healing Fountain philosophy that our thoughts and feelings create our current reality. Our TLC coaches specialize in Healing Fountain Energy Transformation Therapy (ETT), a cutting edge technique invented by Pamela. For over a decade,  Pamela has witnessed her clients transform and manifest their desires within a minimal amount of visits for their initial issue using this unique method. Our TLC life coaches also offer Reiki, energy healing as well as some readings throughout their sessions. We’re confident you will experience profound results working with our Therapeutic Life Coaches.

1 hour session | $75

Difference between Healing Fountain
Therapeutic Life Coaches and Licensed Therapists

Often times people want to know what the difference is between Healing Fountain Therapeutic Life Coaching (TLC) and working with our Licensed Therapists. Our Therapists have been trained in extensive deep therapeutic modalities, Law of Attraction and Energy Work Techniques. They are able to get to the deep rooted issues that have kept them stuck in continuing to repeat old negative patterns. Our therapists are all Licensed with extensive education and training within both traditional therapy modalities as well as Law of Attraction Techniques. Our therapists are covered through most insurances.
Whereas, our Certified Healing Fountain Therapeutic Life Coaches (TLC) have gone through certification at the Healing Fountain where they have been trained to focus on their clients present thoughts and feelings using the ETT Energy Transformation Therapy Technique which catapults our clients into a higher vibration of new thoughts and feelings which automatically promotes manifestation of your greatest desires quickly. You can work with TLC while waiting to get an appointment with a Therapist or you can choose to work with a TLC when you are ready to focus on spiritual growth and manifestation of particular desires. Healing Fountain Coaches are on a cash basis of $75 per 60 min session.

Additional Services

Life Coaching With Pamela Hopkins

Owner & LCSW, Pamela Hopkins, is ready to take her work in a new direction: Personal Life Coaching. This service will include all of her best work including her extraordinary gifts of mediumship, Akashic Records, Wizard Intuition,  Energy Healing,  Reiki and her very own Energy Transformation Therapy.

1 Hour session | $150

Healing Fountain-3258.jpg

Crystal Sound Bath Meditation

These group sessions are designed to help you understand your power by:

  1. Learning about the Law of Attraction

  2. Raising your vibration through sound healing

  3. Transforming into successful thoughts and feelings

Expect to hear the cutting edge steps to manifestation.
1 hour session | $30 
Contact us to reserve your spot today!


Mediumship is a spiritual energy approach to connect with loved ones who have passed over and want to reconnect with clients in spirit for support and inspiration.
90-minute session | $90


Therapeutic Life Coaching (TLC) Certification

This life coaching certification program teaches extraordinary traditional and holistic energy techniques and skills, including the cutting-edge Energy Transformation Therapy (ETT). Confidently step into a new career or enhance your existing life coaching skills.

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