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Meet your team of Licensed Therapists, Healing Fountain Life Coaches and Reiki Master

All of our certified life coaches have been through our life coaching program,

(Healing Fountain Life Coaching, H.F.L.C) a model developed by Pamela Hopkins that has theoretical underpinnings from Esther Hicks, The Law of Attraction, and incorporates imagery, mindfulness training, cognitive therapy, and energy healing.  


This transformational approach helps individuals focus on the lives they want to create by removing roadblocks in their thinking.

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Pamela Hopkins L.C.S.W.

(HFLC) Healing Fountain Life Coach

(ETT) Energy Transformation Therapist

(EFT) Certified in Emotional Freedom Techniques

Reiki Master and various energy healing modalities

Pamela has been a Social Worker and Energy Therapist for 30 years. Pamela developed the Healing Fountain LLC in 2006. Pamela’s goal was to create a holistic mental health facility.


The Healing Fountain now has a combination of licensed therapists and Healing Fountain Life Coaches who offer therapy or life coaching.


Our providers all practice traditional therapy modalities or life coaching modalities using cognitive, behavioral, mindfulness, and trauma modalities as well as; Law of Attraction, energy therapies, quantum physics education, and spirituality.

Pamela’s dream is to have a warm, loving, and caring environment that supports clients in extraordinary, strong, and rewarding ways to better mental health, self-worthiness, and personal empowerment.

“During my years of holistic therapy, my clients have been amazed at how quickly they transform out of depression, anxiety, or any past diagnosis.


They feel healthier, free, shifted, and empowered within just a few visits. This is a place of personal outstanding transformation, success, and ongoing self-empowerment.”

**Both In-person and by phone**


Patti Somers

H.F.LC, Reiki Master, M.Ed Educational Administration, Bs Music Education

Patti is a Certified Healing Fountain Life Coach, Reiki Master, and a powerful intuitive, working exceptionally well with teenagers due to her years as a teacher as well as raising children of her own.  


A compassionate and natural holistic teacher who enjoys coaching her clients using Law of Attraction, mindfulness, and Energy Therapy,


Patti will help you achieve outstanding success. You will leave feeling motivated, energized and focused on your goals.  

**Both In-person and Telehealth**

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Barbara Barrett L.P.C, L.M.F.T

Barbara has been a pioneer in applying holistic approaches to counseling, combining traditional psychological counseling models with the spiritual development and lifestyle coaching that are the cornerstone of the Healing Fountain’s program. 


Licensed in mental health and family counseling since 1997, Barbara’s broad experience includes expertise in women's issues, childhood trauma recovery, anxiety, depression, and addictions. She is a licensed therapist and certified life coach and provides both individual and group therapy while incorporating Law of Attraction, and mindfulness transformation.


Barbara’s diverse practice has drawn not only from the private sector but also from government and non-profit organizations, and she has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings. 


Barbara’s mindfulness-based approach in her counseling has provided clients with a crucial understanding of the influence of their past negative experiences, and the way in which negative emotions can be used as a catalyst for change.

Clients learn to tap into the strength and fundamental goodness of their spirit as a resource for recovery. What do you care about? 


What do you want to be?  Are you truly directing yourself toward what is worthwhile and meaningful to you? 

Barbara’s counseling emphasizes that self-compassion and the development of faith in the power and goodness of one’s soul are keys to wellness and happiness.


These principles, coupled with traditional psychological methods, have proven most effective in areas such as depression management, trauma therapy, relationship counseling, employee relations counseling, and addiction treatment. 

**Both In-person and Telehealth**

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Melissa Hill L.C.S.W

Are you looking for a safe and comfortable place to heal and grow? Are you burnt out with life and all its stressors?

Do you or your child just need a little extra support getting through the tough times we're all facing?


No matter what you may be going through, Melissa is here to support you through it. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been in the field for 11 years, Melissa has a broad wealth of experience. Her passion lies in working with children and adolescents, however she truly enjoys connecting and working with all ages. Utilizing both traditional therapy modalities, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and solution focused therapy, play therapy, sand tray therapy, and art-based therapy, as well as more holistic approaches including energy work, Melissa meets all her clients where they're at and personalizes the therapeutic experience.

Whether you're in need of developing coping skills to manage everyday stressors, looking to heal from trauma, addiction, unhealthy relationships, etc, trying to simply navigate life, and/or grow in your spirituality or overall life in general, Melissa will provide you with unconditional love and support to help you transform into a healthier, happier, more authentic version of you. Melissa's goal is for every individual that walks through the door at The Healing Fountain to know and believe that you are loved, you are worthy, and that you deserve to live your most fulfilled life.

Melissa has extensive experience with military culture and working with military connected children and families. She also has extensive experience working with children and adolescents of all ages, having worked in a primary care setting, residential treatment setting, and elementary school setting. Utilizing play therapy, sand tray therapy, and art-based therapy modalities in combination with talk therapy, Melissa's high energy and passion for kids helps her form strong connections with her younger clients to help them navigate through big feelings and tough situations that arise when dealing with the stress of being a child and adolescent during these trying times.

Feeling safe, comfortable, and cared for are Melissa's goals for her clients when they come to see her. She believes that every child, adolescent, and adult deserves to feel their best and experience joy. The goal of The Healing Fountain experience is exactly that - finding your joy and healing so that you can truly live your best life. This is Melissa's motto, and she is dedicated to helping everyone do just that. You will leave feeling valued and supported.

**Both In-person and Telehealth**


Petra McDonald,
MSW, Supervisee in Clinical Social Work

Petra McDonald is a Supervisee of Clinical Social Work who graduated from Salisbury University, MD. Her focus is to help people find their own strengths and empower them to take the next step in reclaiming their life. Her approach to therapy is meeting the client where they are by incorporating various therapeutic techniques. 

Life can be stressful, challenging and difficult, which can make us doubt ourselves and our surroundings. We might even lose sight of our core strengths and goals. As a Supervisee in Clinical Social Work, Petra's goal is to provide a safe place where, together, we work on restoring balance, finding relief from anxiety and worries and creating healthier relationships.


Please see our Careers section or call to be a part of our team today.​

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