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Healing Fountain Life Coaching November 20

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Healing Fountain Life Coaching (HFLC) is an advanced combination of Law of Attraction and energy therapy, using a spiritual and scientific approach to life coaching today! HFLC is based on The Law of Attraction, which states that one's thoughts and feelings create their reality! HF Life Coaches immediately identify and shift their client's old conditioned negative thinking patterns, by using energy therapy transformation. The HF's energy therapy technique stops negative thoughts immediately. We teach clients how to think and feel better while focusing on ways to feel better.

As clients shift into better thinking and feelings, the law of attraction starts to bring the new desired evidence of what they asked for! Clients are coached to become masters of their Best Ever Life!

The steps to your Best Life Ever:

1. Ask

2. Done

3. Feel better and align vibrationally with Source

4. Receive and realize your new desires

5. There is constant ongoing expansion: repeat above

Clients learn to manifest through their realization that they are a vibrational master connected with Source and through this connection, will create their best life ever! Join the Healing Fountain "Best Life, Dream Team"

HF Life Coaches are now recruiting new clients to join their "Best Life, Dream Team". At the HF, your dream team superstar players will consist of Source, Angels, Guides, you and your own personal life coach/therapist. The game starts as you and your life coach become aware that your thoughts and feeling dominate and rule the game. You must stay aware of asking your team players for what you truly want, especially when you witness what you don't want such as negativity or contrast.

Next, you prepare your strategies by staying focused and aligned on what you want and feeling good. Huddle-up vibrationally with your superstars knowing that you asked for what you want and now it's Done! Know that the vibrations turn into the real winning game.

Finally, you start your best life winning journey by receiving the best evidence that starts to show up! Know that this is an all winning dream team!

Your Best Life Dream Team Rules are:

1. Ask for what you want

2. Know that your superstars have it vibrationally done

3. The higher the vibrations of what you want will come

4. Huddle-up vibrationally with your super team starters by feeling food, staying focused and staying positive

5. Know that negative contrast has No Power in this game

6. Focus on the higher vibration, and realize that the best life evidence will always come

7. The real power is staying vibrationally connected with your team and knowing that you are one super power!

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