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Our team of therapists is growing fast at the Healing Fountain VB January 21

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

If you are a follower of ours on our social media channels then you will know that we have expanded our team over the last couple of months. These talented new recruits are all open for scheduling appointments, they are licensed therapists and experienced licensed marriage and family therapists and they are gaining quite a reputation in the industry.

Patti Somers is a certified Healing Fountain Life Coach, Reiki Master and she has been working with many of our clients, especially the younger ones both virtually and in-person. Patti's expertise and intuitive holistic skills allow her to connect on many levels with clients, young and old and she is enjoying success with these clients, many of whom are referrals.

Barbara Barrett comes to the Healing Fountain with a wealth of experience and knowledge. She is not only L.P.C. licensed but also L.M.T.F. too! You are in safe hands with Barbara, who specializes in women's issues, childhood trauma as well as anxiety, depression, and additions. If you'd like to schedule with Barbara, contact the office on 757-486-1807 and book your next appointment.

Melissa Hill is our newest team member. Melissa is a licensed L.C.S.W. who loves working with a diverse group of clients. Experienced with both adults and adolescents, she uses her skills and experience to help her clients navigate issues such as chemical dependency, co-occurring disorders, emotional and behavioral concerns, Melissa is passionate about her work as a therapist and loves using traditional and holistic modalities to provide her clients with effective therapeutic experiences.

Pamela is the founder and owner here at the Healing Fountain, and has over 30 years of experience specializing in holistic therapy, life coaching and is also a licensed L.C.S.W., certified Healing Fountain Life Coach, Reiki Master, certified in E.F.T. and Advanced Hypnotherapy. Pamela experiences her clients having amazing shifts and transforming into positive, empowered, and happy people.

You can schedule with any of our therapists at the Healing Fountain, we offer both in-house and virtual appointments as well as telehealth options. We take most insurance and offer additional services such as Reiki, Readings, and Mediumship. If you want to join one of our group sessions, please contact us and we will sign you up for our next session, or book in for a private consult with

Pamela, Barbara, Patti, or Melissa!

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