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Rocket of Desire - September 21

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

It’s back to school time here in the U.S. and everyone is preparing their wardrobe, finding the best school supplies, and searching for bargain deals. This time of year can come with a lot of angst for both kids and guardians. Even mature University students tend to feel the tension beginning every new academic year. But there is also a refreshing side to each new challenge and the miracles of everyday life can become more apparent to us when we decide to be more awake and aware.

Every time you encounter the things that you don’t want, you launch “rockets of desire” the other way towards what you do want. This contrast is great for helping you get really clear details on the things that you desire for your day and your future life. The more you can stay in the realm of leaning your thoughts and feelings in the direction of what you do want, the more positive leverage you have working for you in the Quantum field of creation.

By not wallowing in the present circumstance, which may contain a lot of what you don’t want, and just focusing on what you do want, you begin to recalibrate yourself into being the vibrational match of that reality that you so desire and then all the pieces come to you. As you continuously use the contrast of your life to recalibrate your inner being, you are not only manifesting your desired reality but you are also strengthening and becoming the person expansive enough to receive it!

As this new academic year begins, remember: the more you choose to be aware of your life’s miracles and desires, the more often they happen. By the Law of Attraction, what you focus on grows. The more that you experience what you DO NOT want, the more you become clear on exactly what you DO want! Instead of rushing past the things that throw you off, the Healing Fountain encourages you to juice those lemons into lemonade!

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