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Focus Wheel June 22

At the Healing Fountain, we set ourselves apart from other therapy practices by focusing on guiding our clients in harnessing their inner power to make the changes they want in their lives. One way in which we do this is by teaching our clients how to become a master of their thoughts and feelings while intentionally creating a new reality. In this blog series, we will be diving deep into the 5 Steps of Creation based on the teachings of Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction. For this issue, we will focus on the first step of the 5 Steps of Creation: asking for what you want.

Step 1: ASK

In the first step of creating our reality, we ask for what we desire. We do this through experiencing what we don’t want, which is referred to as “contrast.”Contrast can present itself in many forms such as being passed over for that promotion you really wanted, a huge bill in the mail, or a painful heartbreak. Contrast makes us stop in our tracks and really think about what it is we want- that new career, health, wealth and abundance, and even Mr. or Mrs. Right. From this point, we automatically ask the Universe for what we want, whether we realize we are doing it or not. The great thing about this asking process is that as soon as you ask, the Universe and God say yes!

So now that you know what it is you want, how do you get good at receiving it? The key is to make sure you are focusing on what it is you want instead of what it is you do not want. It may seem easy, but this is a common area where people get stuck. We naturally create our reality by realizing that the positive vibration we are outputting is what is being attracted back to us just like a magnet, and if you send out doubt or negativity, we magnetize back negativity and stop creating what we want! Once you have the knowledge and focus to hold the power of positive creation, you then become the Deliberate Creator of your own life experiences.

Let’s look at an example:

Susan looks at herself in the mirror eyeing all the areas of her body she is not happy with thinking, “I wish I wasn’t so overweight!” We must remember that the Universe does not understand yes or no, only what you are focusing on. Susan is focusing on the fact that she is overweight, which is only going to attract more and more feelings of dissatisfaction and more and more weight! Instead, Susan needs to reframe her thought about being overweight into a thought focused on what she wants- to be a healthy weight! The thought then becomes “I wish I wasn’t so overweight” into “I am a healthy weight.” This energetic shift in the vibration of Susan’s thought is now bringing her into alignment with what it is she wants! Susan is now in the vibrational thought process she’s creating and attracting!

Exercise: Focus Wheel

Created by Abraham Hicks, one of the master teachers of the Law of Attraction, the purpose of the Focus Wheel is to help you feel better, shift your vibration, and manifest what you want!

How to use the Focus Wheel: Write what it is that you want in the center circle. In each of the outer segments, write a positive statement related to that desire and the creation of it. It is important to really feel what it would be like to experience each of the statements.

Example: Susan has determined that what she wants is to lose weight, so she writes that want in the middle of the focus wheel. She then begins to write statements related to this desire. “I feel better when I make healthy food choices” could be one statement she may use. The point is to really focus your attention and intention on that desire. Other positive statements could be “It feels like I’m easily dropping inches” or “I love the amazing things my body is able to do.”

Tip: Completing the Focus Wheel may be difficult at first as it really challenges you to dig deeply into the thoughts and beliefs you have about what it is you desire. You may find that the positive thoughts do not come easily when you first begin, but with practice, you will find them easier and easier to grasp. Manifesting what you want requires mastering your thoughts. If you find yourself having difficulty finding positive thoughts surrounding your desire, it may be helpful to first write down the negative thoughts you are having. Then deliberately reframe those thoughts into more positive ones one by one until you can feel the ease set in.

The Focus Wheel is a great daily exercise to get those manifesting juices flowing and a perfect accompaniment to Step1: Ask!

At the Healing Fountain, we believe our thoughts and feelings create our reality, and our licensed therapists and life coaches are here to help you live the life you have always wanted and truly deserve.

Next month’s blog will take a closer look at Step 2 in the Steps to Creation: It is done. Please continue to join us in teaching you how to be the master creator of your reality!

Follow this link to get more information on Abraham Hick’s Focus Wheel process:

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