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✨Want to manifest now? It's easier than you think!

The Healing Fountain Crystal Sound Bath Meditations are getting more and more powerful! Our meditation last month was spectacularly explosive. The crystalline energy within the room rose so high that during the meditation, the huge crystal bowl completely shattered! The shattered crystal pieces were the metaphorical representation of all those old, negative vibrations transforming, and proof we were actually in the vibrational process of expanding into a new higher version of ourselves!

We have created an intense meditation group that enhances our quantum education and energy transformation as we enter and align within the fifth dimension. During the Healing Fountain Sound Bath Meditations, I will guide you through with intentions of higher frequencies of alignment. You will absorb the powerful vibrational state of spirit-mind-body oneness. Your chakras will be blessed as you surrender into the highest version of expanded consciousness. As you enter into this higher consciousness within the oneness of spirit on a weekly basis, expect higher gifts of elevated love, peace and gratitude. This combination is the KEY TO MANIFESTATIONS! As you practice, you will automatically continue to calibrate, create, and attract a whole new you, and a whole new world.

✨Expect immediate positive changes!

✨Expect miracles!

✨Expect well-being!

✨Expect healing!

✨Expect the creation of your heart's desires!

Come and experience the highest version of you on Tuesday evenings from 6:00-7:00 pm. $30 per session or get 4 sessions for $100. And if you write a favorable testimonial of your Healing Fountain Sound Bath Meditation experience, you’ll get one FREE sound bath meditation session.

Are you ready now to transform? Let's do it together!

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