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🌿 Meet Our New Therapist - She's Accepting Medicaid!

We're thrilled to introduce our newest addition to the Healing Fountain family, Petra McDonald, MSW, Supervisee! Petra is a talented and compassionate Supervisee in Clinical Social Work, and she is excited to be on board to help us further our mission of healing and empowering our beloved community.

Petra McDonald is a Supervisee of Clinical Social Work who graduated from Salisbury University, MD. Her focus is to help people find their own strengths and empower them to take the next step in reclaiming their life. Her approach to therapy is meeting the client where they are by incorporating various therapeutic techniques.

Life can be stressful, challenging and difficult, which can make us doubt ourselves and our surroundings. We might even lose sight of our core strengths and goals. As a Supervisee in Clinical Social Work, Petra's goal is to provide a safe place where, together, we work on restoring balance, finding relief from anxiety and worries and creating healthier relationships.

Petra Is Now Accepting Medicaid Clients!

We're delighted to announce that Petra is currently accepting Medicaid clients. Now is the time to reach out and embark on your healing journey with Petra's expert guidance.

To schedule a session with Petra, please get in touch with us at 757-486-1807.

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