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  • Michelle Tasker

October 22

What is the Law of Attraction?

At the Healing Fountain, our philosophy is that our thoughts and feelings create our reality. Just like everything that comprises our Universe, our thoughts and feelings, too, are a form of energy, and their energetic vibration attracts similar vibrations. Through this Law of Attraction, we set the stage for our experience in this physical reality.

What exactly does this mean? Very simply put, like attracts like, and we are the master designer of our life experiences.

So how do we create what we want? First, we must understand the Steps to Creation.

Our last three blog posts have covered in depth the first three steps to creating what you want- asking for it, knowing it is done, and aligning with the vibration of our desire. This month we look at the fourth step of creation-maintaining alignment consistently.


What is contrast?

Contrast is simply anything that does not feel good and is in an opposite energetic vibration to what we are trying to attract and manifest. It can be anything such as an unexpected bill, catching a cold, being passed over for that job promotion, or experiencing a difficult breakup.

Why is contrast important?

Negative experiences are an important piece of creating the reality we want. Without contrast, we would never understand and receive clarity as to what exactly it is that we do want. For example, the unexpected bill can help you realize that you want more abundance in your life, and catching a cold emphasizes the importance of wanting a healthy body. Being passed over for a job promotion can motivate you to want better career opportunities, and that difficult breakup was really a blessing in disguise as you now know exactly what you want and deserve in a partner. Contrast always brings with it clarity, and without it, we would never know joy and satisfaction as we must experience the opposite in order to recognize the difference in vibrations.


A simple practice for maximizing the benefits of contrast is to make a list of things, people, and experiences that are not bringing you joy and then write next to each entry what you want instead. Try to lean into the feelings of having what you want show up. Not only does this provide you clarity as to what you want, but it shifts your vibration to one of anticipation and allowing rather than feeling stuck or dissatisfied. Start with a list of 10 things and continue to add to it as contrast inevitably shows up. With practice, you will begin to do this naturally making vibrational shifts easier and faster.

It is important to appreciate that contrast brings us closer to what we desire through clarity and experience, and appreciation of even the less desirable aspects of life helps us set our intention and allows our vibrational offering to match that of what we want. Contrast does not necessarily mean that we are doing something wrong, it is simply the nature of our reality and a means toward creation. Contrast allows us to catapult into continued growth and expansion. Step 5 means you are ready to go back to Step 1- asking for what you want.

The Healing Fountain’s licensed therapists and life coaches understand and utilize the power of the Law of Attraction to transform you into the person you want to be and the life you ultimately want. We help shift your vibration to one of alignment while giving you the tools necessary for complete and total transformation into the now!

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