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September 22

What is the Law of Attraction?

At the Healing Fountain, our philosophy is that our thoughts and feelings create our reality. Just like everything that comprises our Universe, our thoughts and feelings, too, are a form of energy, and their energetic vibration attracts similar vibrations. Through this Law of Attraction, we set the stage for our experience in this physical reality.

What exactly does this mean? Very simply put, like attracts like, and we are the master designer of our life experiences.

So how do we create what we want? First, we must understand the Steps to Creation.

Our last three blog posts have covered in depth the first three steps to creating what you want- asking for it, knowing it is done, and aligning with the vibration of our desire. This month we look at the fourth step of creation-maintaining alignment consistently.


The fourth step in creating what we want is to just get better and more consistent at staying in vibrational alignment with what we are wanting to manifest. As we maintain consistency, we manifest with more consistency.

Maintaining consistency when it comes to staying in alignment can be achieved through appreciating the here and now. Remember when you used to want what you now have? Often, we can be distracted by chasing the next big thing once we have received what we have been asking for, but we forget to relish in the joy of the present. Manifesting can become addicting as you begin to see it work again and again. However, if we do not allow ourselves to truly experience the pleasure and excitement, what are we really chasing? Nothing is more important in this human experience than to find joy in all things, and as we become more consistent with this practice, manifesting our desires becomes easier.

Gratitude versus Appreciation in the Law of Attraction

As we discuss appreciation, it is important to emphasize the difference between appreciation and gratitude in their vibrational offering. Love and appreciation are vibrationally the same as they are in alignment with who we truly are- free of doubt and resistance, feeling joy and optimism. Gratitude offers a different vibration than appreciation, and it is often associated with overcoming a struggle of sorts or experiencing a lack of something. We never want to play in the energy of having less than, being less than, or somehow not deserving of all the amazing things this reality has to offer. Instead, we should live in expectation that these amazing things are rightfully ours and truly value them by simply appreciating that they exist for us and by our creation!

Abraham: Appreciation Vs. Gratitude- Esther Hicks

Next month’s blog will cover the 5th and last step to creation- appreciating contrast!

New to our blog- Monthly Tarotscopes!

What is a Tarotscope?

A Tarotscope is a horoscope facilitated by Tarot cards. Tarotscopes combine astrology and Tarot to bring to you, collective, insight and enlightenment into what direction your energies are headed. Our monthly Tarotscope will put you on the path to empowerment as you discover what may come your way.

What is a collective Tartoscope?

A collective tarot reading taps into the energy of current themes that are likely to arise for a broader audience of people. This reading focuses on the collective energy of the Healing Fountain’s clients and audience. If you are reading this, then this message is for you!

Who creates the Tarotscope?

The Healing Fountain is the home to several Tarot readers, each with their own experience and gifts. All of our readers are highly intuitive and use the Tarot as a tool for empowerment and healing. Each monthly Tarotscope will be created by one of our amazing readers, just for you, our Healing Fountain clients!

Tarotscope for September 2022

Aries March 21-April 19

King of Pentacles (reversed)

The material or career concerns that you felt last month are now turning themselves around, Aries. Your determination and drive will soon be paying off and the stability you’ve been wanting will soon arrive. Use this reversal of fortune as a sign that maintaining focus on what you want will bring those things into your reality.

Taurus April 20-May 20

Six of Cups

The theme for September, Taurus, is the past. Past relationships, friendships, or even old patterns of thinking and behaving will arrive at the forefront this month begging you to answer the question if it’s best that the past remains in the past. You can tend to be stubborn in your ways, so it may also be beneficial to ask yourself if these old things are showing up for you to finally break the pattern of the old way of doing things.

Gemini May 21-June 20

King of Pentacles

Things are looking positive for you this month in the areas of career and abundance, Gemini. You are at the top of your game, and now would be a great time to ask for that promotion or take a chance on that job prospect you’ve been eyeing. This is the month of making moves to further your material wealth and secure your position as the one in charge. Stay focused on the prize, and it is yours!

Cancer June 21-July 22

King of Pentacles

There is definitely a theme this month, Cancer, and it surrounds success in all things in this material world of ours. If you have friends or loved ones who are Aries or Gemini, they will be experiencing this same type of mastery in wealth and abundance. Enjoy this time of prosperity and know that things are always working out for you!

Leo July 23-August 22

Five of Swords

This month you are being asked to assess any conflicts you may be having, Leo. Is this a fair fight or are you trying to win at any cost? Conversely, you may be dealing with someone who is playing dirty and willing to step on others to get what they want. It is important to understand how your energy comes into play in these types of situations as we are the creator of our reality, and our energy attracts like energy. Stay focused on staying in a positive vibration and watch the drama disappear.

Virgo August 23-September 22

Ace of Wands

There is a spark of desire in you, Virgo. You’ve been inspired, and it’s almost like the stars have aligned guiding you toward this passion. Your creativity may be at an all-time high in September and that new idea you had seems to have had the essence of life breathed into it. There are new beginnings and new opportunities this month, and the Universe is giving you the green light to just go for it!

Libra September 23-October 22

Nine of Cups

Have you recently been wishing upon a star, Libra? This month you are being encouraged to relish in the fact that your dreams are beginning to manifest into reality. Sometimes you can have your head in the clouds of possibility which can have you flitting from a wish to wish and dream to dream. It is important for you to really enjoy the present moment and reward. Remember when you wanted what you now have?

Scorpio October 23-November 21

King of Pentacles

September brings to you a theme of success and wealth, Scorpio. Several other zodiac signs are experiencing this growth and material gain, and you may see that joy of abundance manifest in those around you. This is collective energy as you not only enjoy the satisfaction of your own success but others, as well. Enjoy this success and triumph!

Sagittarius November 22-December 21

Seven of Swords

This is not the time to cut corners, Sagittarius, and you may be feeling tempted to get away with something due to your cunning and intelligence. However, there is a good chance it will not work out. Sure, you might be successful, but is it really worth it? You should absolutely use strategy this month but remember to use that strategy in the light of day. Additionally, you could be on the receiving end of deception and betrayal. Maintaining a high vibration will intervene in both instances. Remember, like attracts like.

Capricorn December 21-January 20

Knight of Wands

You are being called to adventure, Capricorn, and to be brave in the face of danger. You are up for any challenge this month, not that you typically aren’t, but September brings with it the fiery energy behind any action you take. With all the gallantry and courage you are displaying, you may need a gentle nudge to not act too rashly or in the heat of the moment. Be brave but be smart

Aquarius January 21-February 18

Ten of Cups

This is a bountiful month for you, Aquarius, in all things that make you feel whole. There is a sense of true happiness, emotional, and spiritual fulfillment in September which creates an intense feeling of contentment. Romantic relationships blossom and home and family life feel like things are going well. Celebrate this period of joy and appreciate those that bring enrichment to your life.

Pisces February 19-March 20

The Emperor

The month of September calls you to make order out of chaos, Pisces, and demonstrate your authoritative skills. At times you may not feel those natural leadership qualities as protecting your energy and avoiding conflict are very valuable to you. This is the month of taking control of a situation and being more assertive. This is a world of duality, and you like to tread the line between dominance and submission. Now is the time to be dominant.

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