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Throat Chakra February 22

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

As we learn about the throat chakra begin to understand the value of communication. True communication is a balance between speaking and listening. Beyond that, truth-speaking is about discerning between facts and feelings, while offering love to both. To feel confident about expressing ourselves we must realign with our internal seat of truth and communication. When we get better at speaking our truth our desires become clearer and this helps us to create thought patterns that trend in the direction of what we really want. In this way, balancing the throat chakra allows us to begin scripting our life beginning with our thoughts and feelings.

The fifth chakra, the throat, is located at the center of our neck. It is associated with our ability to express our authentic voice and true self-expression, and this is the chakra of our speech, sound vibration, creativity, our ability to express our feelings with clarity and to be heard. It is associated with blue, which can be used for color therapy as it will help reconnect you in moments of need. Color therapy can consist of having a blue crystal in your pocket, wearing blue or simply imagining it washing over you like cool water.

Bringing our throat chakra back into balance helps us:

  • · Be comfortable speaking our truth, in a clear and compassionate

  • · Feel that you are heard and honored for your truth

  • · Be more precise about our thought process and communication

  • · Reflect our creativity into the world

  • · Listen fully and completely to others

In addition to color therapy here are other ways you can support the holistic balance and activation of your throat chakra:

  • · Yoga Pose: Fish Pose or Bridge Pose

  • · Essential Oil: Cypress. Essential oils that are cooling or create a tingling sensation are perfect for the throat chakra. Cypress is a fresh, herbaceous essential oil that is grounding, and promotes a sense of clarity in the Throat Chakra helping us to communicate with authenticity.

  • · Affirmations: In a quiet space, say these to yourself or take some time to doodle them on paper.

I speak my truth freely and openly

Being honest will free me from my current situation

I alone am accountable for expressing myself clearly

I am safe and trust others to allow me to express myself truthfully

My honesty attracts what I deserve

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