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Maintaining Balance & Comfort - June 21

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Hi I’m Pamela Hopkins and my intuitive writing is aligned with the teachings of Abraham hicks and Kryon.

The real question that I am hearing lately is on how to maintain our balance and comfort within this new chaotic and changing world? And how do Lightworkers find their own personal balance as they continue to support the New Earth that we are creating?

First of all, instead of referring to what is going on as negative or chaotic, it’s time to think of what is happening right now as a reboot of the new “awakening”. This awakening is the start of a better world where we are vibrationally recalibrating into more open transparency of “what is”. As we continue to calibrate into a higher, and shift into allowing humanity to make better and greater choices, we are creating a new world. We all want more kindness, compassion, equality, caring, and better existence, especially as we shift out of the negativity, inequality, pain, despair, and intolerance that exists now.

We have this wonderful opportunity to better our world with greater balance, equality, care, kindness, and love for all humanity and Mother Earth. So the Lightworker's real job, or primary work, is to focus their vibration into an appreciation of what is coming, all that feels good, and transforming our world into a better place. Yes, there will be challenges, but in America, not complete chaos, just a recalibrating state as we raise our vibration into balance and stability. How do we do this? We stay in balance with our thoughts, feelings, and ask in each situation for what we want. Next, we create more inner balance and gratitude as we purposely focus on the new puzzle pieces of creation that feel good! We purposely become more compassionate, understanding, kind, appreciative, and cooperative with love.

We are now going to start witnessing the breaking apart of the old puzzle. And we will witness the new puzzle pieces that we’ve been waiting for, come in. So stay present! Stay calm. And stay in appreciation and gratitude as much as possible. With the higher vibrations of the Lightworkers, we are the strongest vibrational influence in the creation of this New Earth. Expect in the future; a better government, new school systems that our children enjoy, a combination of medical and holistic systems that promote wellness and healing, etc.

I am wishing blessings to all of you. And, oh, by the way, you are a Lightworker if you are reading this. So stay focused, be optimistic and expect what you desire.

-Blessings Pamela

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