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Multi-D - are you ready for it? July 21

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Many of you are ready to step into a new you and new energy. We would say to you that in an era of knowing everything, your multidimensionality is an important part of your life experience. Multidimensionality is an energetic melding of higher energy mastery. We are now ready to be consciously aware of working within the energy “quantum field” of creation and let go of the old 3-D Newtonian creating. We are ready to be masters of receiving within the effortless effort as we put into practice living in oneness.

Living in oneness is the process of aligning our mind/thoughts, body/emotions, and spirit/Universe into one quantum energy as we are living and manifesting our new reality.

You carry within you--(on a cellular level) the information from every life, timeline, and manifestation, within your non-physical realm. We are ready to open you up to the quantum realms where you no longer worry, feel depressed, experience anxiety, or try to push to make things happen. We will walk you through learning to hold the space, and holding the alignment of oneness, and allowing your heart's desire to come to you.

When you understand yourself on a multidimensional level and remember the power that you have, you can create the world that you desire just by staying in the Multi-D Formula or staying balanced in peace and gratitude.

But how can one feel into creating that new reality when life keeps offering things to knock you off-kilter? Here is the answer: join our new Multi-D Formula group or just make an appointment with our team!

Our Holistic Therapists and Life Coaches can support you. We are excited to help you bring in a new you and a new age of authenticity and abundance with ease and confidence. We assure you, this it is just a learning curb in anchoring into your new multidimensional magical life! And you are probably farther along than you think. With a Healing Fountain Therapist or Life Coach, you can begin to move into the multidimensional quantum of all possibilities.

We know that many of you are ready to live within this new level in order to walk into an exciting reality and be a master of your own life. If this of interest to you, just know that you are a Lightworker that is ready to evolve our Earth into the 4thand 5th dimensions of Heaven on Earth.

Call and make an individual appointment or sign up on our Multi-D Formula group list.

-Blessings, the Healing Fountain.

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