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What is the Expansion Group and why it's for you...August 20

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

There are exciting developments at The Healing Fountain in Virginia Beach and in these unprecedented times, they are creating new programs for clients to support and help them navigate through our new world. In this short video, we talk to Pamela Hopkins a holistic life coach and owner of The Healing Fountain about how they can help you overcome difficulties and gain the tools to support you in achieving your best YOU.

Our thoughts and feelings and what we choose to focus on is the greatest power in our life! How we think, feel, and believe creates our reality. Every thought and feeling that we experience during our life has been downloaded within our mind, as our personal identity, of who we believe we are and what we believe is possible for us in our life. As we change our thoughts to what we really want, we shift into better people with our best circumstances around money, love, health, and happiness. The stronger the experience and emotion the more we relive the experience in our thoughts and feelings and start to identify the old ingrained thoughts, feelings and beliefs with each new relationship and new circumstance as our truth.

The Healing Fountain has been assisting clients in transforming old negative thoughts and feelings that are causing low self-worth, anxiety, depression or fear, etc. The Expansion Group hand-walks clients through fast easy thought-feeling energy therapy, which creates easy fast shifts of new thoughts that will manifest what you truly desire. Not only will you shift from old thinking patterns, but you will also become empowered and start to become a master of your own reality.

This program is due to start in early October 2020, and whilst it is designed for anyone, it would also be beneficial to those clients who wish to expand their understanding, skills and knowledge of the teachings within the Healing Fountain, or for those clients who require a refresher course.

Watch our interview on the link provided and just listen to what Pamela has to say about how she developed this new service, who will benefit, and what to expect!

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