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Root Chakra's - October 21

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Welcome to our first blog in this series where we will journey through our inner world together towards the end of this year. Fall marks the ending of a very lively season so, as we begin to see foliage drifting in the wind we can be reminded of how even nature lets things go in cyclical timing. In other words, every year, nature lets go and turn its energy inward, deepening its own roots. Fall and winter is a very powerful time for growing in all things oriented to our root chakra. Can you imagine or feel your etheric roots deepening just as you read this?

When we open our first chakra, The Root, we open up ourselves to a greater sense of balance, feeling at home in our body and feeling at home in the world. By being open at our root we allow the natural harmonic flow of life/the universe to begin balancing our body. You are the melody. When your Root chakra is strong there is a fearless knowing that arises within you. These characteristics of feeling balanced, feeling at home, and having this faithful knowing about life are all major causes for enormous effects in your reality. Because as you shift and align on the inside, it is Universal Law that the world begins to reflect back at you all things aligned and shifted.

Getting grounded with your root chakra is the new beginning. All of Spring’s foliage, otherwise known as life’s benefits, will all appear by the natural phenomenon; all your desires are the guaranteed side effect of your internal growth. Let’s take this time to really introspect with our inner parts; exploring any parts of us that feel insecure with our relationships, finances, or with our lives in general. This part of our journey together is just about growing in awareness of everything that lies in the rootage of our deep inner life. "What is going on in there? Do I feel like I am flowing effortlessly with life? How do I react when I am not feeling so effortless?" Let’s all take a personal Autumn just to begin to notice and develop a greater understanding of what does reside within our roots.

Please stay tuned for our next blog together where we will allow the energy in our Root Chakra to move upward into our lower belly, the Sacral Chakra. In line with November and the holiday season, we will show you how thanks and gratitude is an amplification of everything you desire to feel and have.

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